About Oldfield School

A Distinctive Ethos

Our mission is to be a school which celebrates the achievements of each and every individual.

At Oldfield School we help students to:

  • Develop lively, enquiring minds
  • Acquire understanding, knowledge and skills to equip them for adult life
  • Build up self esteem, respect for and tolerance of others
  • Foster sporting, aesthetic and cultural achievement
  • Realise their full potential

It is important that all students feel that they can achieve. We provide a safe and orderly environment where students can learn. We expect learning to be enjoyable so that students want to come to school.

We have high expectations which permeate all aspects of school life – such as behaviour, attendance, uniform, and homework. Our Behaviour Code is based on the principle of respect. Students like to know that boundaries are set, we do not shy away from excluding students whose behaviour prevents the learning of others.

Our school uniform is designed to be inclusive and practical, it is one of the ways in which students are encouraged to feel part of the school community.

We set homework. Students need to develop the skills to work independently and to practise and extend skills learnt in school. Our new Learning Resource Centre, fully equipped with books and computers, is open to allow students to study at school after the normal school day.

We are extremely proud of our students. Visitors frequently comment that students are confident, thoughtful and articulate young people; they also remark on how proud they are of the school.

Inspirational Teaching and Learning

At Oldfield School we are fortunate to have experienced and highly qualified staff.

As a High Performing Specialist School, graded “Outstanding” by Ofsted, we have no problems recruiting the very best teachers in all subjects across the curriculum. Students are taught by teachers who are qualified specialists in their subjects. Teachers are attracted to our school because they know that they can teach and students want to learn. Oldfield teachers are enthusiastic and extremely passionate about their subjects, they spend time planning interesting lessons so that their love of their subject is passed on to students. Students are fully involved in the learning process, they are expected to assess their own progress in each subject and they help to evaluate subject programmes of study and off timetable activities. They are part of the interviewing process for new staff, they act as ‘young leaders’ in a range of subjects and they discuss important issues in School Council.

We appreciate that our partnership with parents is vital. We provide our students with a contact book so that they can record homework and parents and teachers can communicate with each other. We have two formal Parents’ Evenings during the year when parents and students can discuss progress with teachers. Parents also receive two written reports each year.

Outstanding Achievement

At Oldfield School students achieve highly, we always achieve above the national average.

It is simple! At Oldfield we expect students to do their best, teachers are committed to providing the very best lessons, the result is that students are successful in their endeavours. When students start at Oldfield we tell them that they will be successful.

We recognise that students have many different strengths but we are determined to find, and allow them to exploit, their talents whether they are in the classroom, in sports, music, dance or drama. Each student is supported by a tutor who has time allocated to meet with her/him one to one, to discuss targets, celebrate achievements and raise any concerns.

Our curriculum was described by Ofsted as “Excellent”. At Key Stage 3 students follow a broad and balanced curriculum of the National Curriculum subjects as well as Dance and Drama. Teachers deliver a creative curriculum in which many aspects of learning are linked.

At Key Stage 4 all students study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT but flexible pathways allow students to choose option subjects which best suit their needs.

We stretch our Gifted and Talented students in a variety of ways, eg optional extended projects, special one-off challenges, off-site courses and taking examinations early. We are equally proud of the success of students for whom learning is more challenging. They are supported with specially designed courses and qualifications, specialised intervention programmes and additional literacy and numeracy.

Post 16 students choose from a range of subjects and courses reflecting their interests. A full Sixth Form prospectus is available separately.

Extra Curricular Provision

At Oldfield School we recognise that students thrive when offered additional experiences outside the classroom.

As a school with a Sports specialism we have school teams in sports such as football, netball and athletics and a variety of extra curricular activities such as rowing, fencing, judo, table tennis and trampolining.

Outdoor activities are promoted. Students can go canoeing, sailing, potholing, climbing, walking and orienteering. Huge numbers of students get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

With a state of the art Dance Studio, dance plays a major part in our extra curricular provision. Students can do street or jazz dance, they can work with professional choreographers, take the Junior Dance Leaders’ Award and participate in public performances.

With Arts as our lead specialism, and the holder of Artsmark Gold, we have a national reputation for our Arts provision. Art, music, drama and media activities flourish and students regularly host public speaking competitions. Our Annual Arts Event is an arts-led extravaganza which brings together all subjects in an evening event.

We promote opportunities for students to develop as active citizens. Students are encouraged to join in with local charity and volunteering activities as well as leading charity fund raising events at school.

Important residential opportunities are provided for our students. All Year 7 students go on a residential to Oxenwood, in Year 8 they can go to the Outward Bound centre at Aberdovey, in Years 9 and 10 they can go on a World Challenge Expedition to Morocco or Croatia, and in Years 11 -13 they can go further afield with a World Challenge Expedition to Costa Rica or Venezuela.