Religious Studies

In our subject we study the beliefs and values of people in the world and ask questions about them:-

  • What do people believe and why do they believe it?
  • What do people think is important about how humans behave?
  • How do people express their beliefs in what they do?

We focus on the six major world religions that have the most followers in the UK: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism and we also study humanist and atheist perspectives on many issues.

Our present KS3 programme of study includes;

Year 7

  • Term 1 – The Island
  • Term 2 – Christianity Basics (including life of Jesus and holy buildings)
  • Term 3 – Islam Basics (including life of PMohammed and holy buildings)
  • Term 4 – Pilgrimage
  • Term 5 – People Who Have Made a Difference
  • Term 6 – Religion and Planet Earth

Year 8

  • Term 1 – Buddhism Basics
  • Term 2 – Hinduism Basics
  • Term 3 – Religion and Animals
  • Term 4 – Religious Beliefs Surrounding Life After Death
  • Term 5 – Religious Extremism and the Media
  • Term 6 – Religion and Poverty

Year 9

  • Term 1 – Religion and Prejudice
  • Term 2 – Good vs Evil (making moral decisions)
  • Term 3 – Humanism
  • Term 4 – Religion and Science
  • Term 5 – Holocaust
  • Term 6 – Interfaith Project

We study these topics using books, film clips, news stories, drama and role play, visits and people from faith communities coming to share with us. We express our ideas in many creative ways using ICT products such as power-point, creating art and poetry, giving presentations, acting in drama, making models and movie making. We also develop critical thinking, essay writing, verbal debating skills and team work throughout our programme.

KS4 - At KS4 some students will follow a programme of study leading to a GCSE qualification in Religious Studies, while the rest of the students will follow a core religious studies programme.

A Level - The department also offers ‘A’ Level Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics option) and ‘A’ level Sociology.