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School Uniform

Every student in Years 7 - 11 is required to identify with the school community by wearing our distinctive school dress.  The commitment of parents in helping us to maintain smart appearance and good grooming is one of the most important characteristics of the school.  School uniform costs no more than other outfits.  It has the advantage of being hard-wearing and very suitable for the activities in which students are involved in school.  Parents recognise the fact that school uniform reduces competition and bullying.


Items marked with an asterisk* must be purchased from the uniform supplier, Price & Buckland, the School’s official uniform supplier.


  • School Jacket* - Navy with white trim with School logo
  • White shirt (roll-neck pullovers or coloured/patterned T-shirts may not be worn under the shirt)
  • School tie*- worn to cover the buttons of the shirt
  • Navy trousers*
  • School sweatshirt* - pale grey with School logo
  • Black/dark-grey socks
  • Plain black formal leather flat shoes (no trainers, no boots, no suede shoes, no patent leather shoes, no daps and no canvass shoes)


  • School Jacket* - Navy with white trim with School logo
  • White shirt (roll-neck pullovers or coloured/patterned T-shirts may not be worn under the shirt)
  • School tie*, worn to cover the buttons of the shirt
  • Navy trousers* or navy skirt* - navy (pleated or straight) must be of reasonable length (around knee length)
  • School sweatshirt* - pale grey with School logo
  • White, navy, black or neutral coloured socks/tights
  • Plain black formal leather flat shoes or ankle boots (no trainers, no high legged boots, no suede shoes, no patent leather shoes, no daps, no canvass shoes, no wedges, no heels and no creepers)

Physical Education Uniform (compulsory)

  • For boys - Black and royal shorts*
  • For girls - Black and royal skort*
  • For boys and girls - Black and royal sports polo*
  • Black socks*
  • Black and royal tracksuit*
  • Trainers
  • Football boots

Physical Education Uniform (optional)

  • Black dance T shirt* and black dance pants* (Shorts or Skorts should not be worn for reasons of health and safety)

The full School Uniform Policy is available on our policies page which provides full details of the expectations on style of coats, hair styles, make-up, jewellery.

Price & Buckland Parents Online is an online ordering system from Price & Buckland that offers parents a brand new way to order school uniform for their children. It's a simple and effective method whereby parents purchase uniform directly from Price & Buckland.

How it works:

1. Parents visit the PB Parents Online website directly to create their own account and login details.

2. Once logged in, parents can purchase any uniform authorised by school. They can pay by debit or credit card and check their order history at any time.

3. Uniform can be delivered to a home or work address within 3-5 working days for a charge of £3.95. Alternatively, individually bagged orders can be delivered to school free of charge.

4. Parents who don't have immediate access to a computer can place orders by post, collect an order form from the school.

Free School Meals - Jacket Offer

The school has decided to pay for a new uniform jacket for any student who is entitled to free school meals, Those students who think they may be eligible for free school meals will have to complete an application for free school meals form and get this approved before they can apply for a free jacket. Please complete this form and and send to the school.

Both the free school meal application form and the uniform jacket order form can be obtained by contacting Mrs H Flint, Finance Administrator, at the school on 01225 423582.

School on-site uniform shop price list


We have made provision for a selection of hot and cold food to be made available during morning break and lunchtime. A menu and price list will be sent to parents and carers. Students who receive free school meals will be able to choose items to the value of £2.60 at lunchtime.

School canteen price list September 2016

First Bus Passes

As from September 2016 First Bus price for a monthly pass is £43.20 for Years 7 to 11 and £60.50 for Years 12 & 13. A weekly bus pass is £11.90 for Years 7 to 11 and £16.70 for Years 12 & 13.

Emergency Closure - Severe Weather Conditions (for parents)

A Severe weather conditions before departure for school (if for example, there is a heavy fall of snow during the night, the following arrangements will apply)

  1. It is school policy to open to receive students who are able to get to school. We expect all students to attend if at all possible even if this means arriving late. There is no need to telephone to check this; in the unlikely event of closure announcement will be made via the school website..
  2. Classes where appropriate will be supervised to at least lunch time when the situation will be reviewed and advice taken from the police and the meteorological office.
  3. Whilst our policy will be to open the school, we recognise that some students live in the country or some distance away. Parents are expected to take their own decisions based on local road and weather conditions. Safety will always be the first consideration. There is no need to telephone if you decide it is too dangerous for your child to travel or if train and bus services have been suspended. However, an absence note will be required on their return.

B Severe or deteriorating weather conditions during the day (ie after students have arrived at school)
With our students’ safety in mind we shall keep a constant check on road condition reports and weather forecasts. If conditions worsen during the day or if bus operators advise on an early departure it would normally be our policy:

  1. To enable students to begin their journey home before buses are taken off the roads and before daylight fades;
  2. To allow anxious parents from outlying areas to pick up their children earlier in the day. You should call at reception in the main building and ask us to find your child. There is no need to telephone first.
  3. To give students access to telephones to contact their parents.

It is absolutely essential that you give your child clear instructions now for use in this kind of emergency. Make sure they have up to date telephone numbers and that they know how to contact you or some other responsible person. Ensure, also, that your child can get into the house in your absence.

In the event of possible severe weather conditions at school the Headteacher will telephone the bus company to assess whether buses will be running. If the Headteacher decides that the school should not open then the Headteacher will contact BBC Radio Bristol and Mr David Waters, Assistant Headteacher, he will arrange for a notice to be posted on the school’s website stating the school is closed.


Parents have now been sent details for their ParentPay accounts which will allow online payments to the school. You can visit the ParentPay website here.

Keeping Children Safe

Please see the Keeping Children Safe Leaflet for information on what to do if you are at all concerned about the safety of a child at the school. A useful guide for parents and carers about Talking to Children about Alcohol

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