The Oldfield Sixth Form Experience

Sixth Sixth Form life is about so much more than just attending your lessons. Here at Oldfield School we believe that enrichment events and opportunities will make our students more rounded learners, more engaged with the wider community and ensure that their time here in our Sixth Form is one they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


Trips for the Sixth Form

Each year, we will be running three Sixth Form trips that will be open to students in both Year 12 and 13. The aim of these trips is to broaden our students’ cultural and educational horizons and forge a strong group ethos throughout the Sixth Form. 

Term 1: A trip to London - An exciting day where Sixth Formers can get to know each other better and experience the cultural delights of our capital city. This year, we will be visiting the world renowned Natural History Museum during the day and, in the evening, going to see the award winning musical Wicked.

Term 3: Rome - For four days, students experience the beauty and history of one of Europe’s greatest cities. An exciting journey where students will be able to see the very cradle of our civilisation.

Beyond these, many subjects offer their won exciting extra-curricular opportunities, whether this is representing the school at a sporting event or going to Russia on a History trip.